Pallet Sales 

We supply affordable wooden and plastic pallets at competitve prices to businesses in West London, across the UK and abroad.  We offer local delivery services.  You may also arrange your own transport.

Pallet Purchases

We are always looking for pallets and pay good prices for them. We can provide a local collection service or arrange transportation from further afield.  You may also bring them directly to our Southall Yard. 

Pallet Clearance

Unwanted, reusable pallets taking up valuable space? Bring them to us! Alternatively, if you have 30+ usable pallets, we can collect them for a fee when we’re next in your area. This helps you use your space more efficiently and reduces wood waste going to landfill.

Repair and Reclaim

We repair broken reuseable pallets at our on-site pallet repair workshop. Unused timber is reclaimed for repairs, and pallets beyond repair are turned into wood chippings, garden mulch or a renewable energy source.

DIY Projects

Thinking of doing something creative? Pallets are a popular source of repurpose wood for eco-friendly furniture, craft, and DIY projects. Call us to discuss the pallets you need to complete your masterpiece!

  Consistent Quality

£  Competitive Prices

The Pallets Yard supplies various types, grades and sizes of pallets, such as Euros, Standards, heat-treated and non heat-treated wooden and plastic pallets, from our yard in Southall, where we also do repairs. We supply larger pallet yards, wholesalers, retailers and DIY fans in West London, across the UK and in Europe.

Our loyal and diverse customer and supplier base use our services because of the consistent quality of pallets, professionalism and customer service that we provide.

Our pallets are strong, durable, easily stored and allow the safe, hygienic, and easy transportation of goods around the globe.  Pallets are relatively light weight, these pallets and depending on the grade, can hold very heavy products, whilst contributing very little to the overall weight of the items being transported.

Call us now on 020 3488 6702 to discuss your specific requirements or if you have pallets to sell.

Another key reason our business has retained loyal customers is the range of pallets we offer at competitive and affordable prices:

  • Euros
  • Leggers
  • Cheapies
  • Standards
  • Short Boarders
  • Nestable Plastics
  • Heat Treated Pallets

We are always looking for new pallet suppliers and will pay top prices for good quality reuseable pallets which can be delivered or collected from local areas. 

Call us now to discuss the type and quantity of pallets that you want or can supply to us.


Call us on 020 3488 6702

We are proud of the role The Pallets Yard plays in the local, national and global circular economies.  Pallets typically last around 8 years and are a popular source of wood for eco-friendly furniture, DIY and other projects.  We minimise waste by continually recovering, repairing, reclaiming and reusing pallets.  We also remove unwanted reusable pallets (minimum 30) from sites to free up valuable business space.


Damaged pallets are repaired at our yard to extend their life span using reclaimed wood from broken pallets.  Any remaining wood that cannot be used is sent for recycling as wood chippings, garden mulch or a renewable energy source. This prevents pallets from being consigned to landfills, and in this way, we help our clients and suppliers to increase their carbon savings.


Over the years, we have developed a long-standing and successful business relationship with The Pallets Yard. This is a reliable local company, that provides good-quality pallets at affordable prices. The two Directors, Ian and Ruth-Anne, are very professional in their approach to business, and we often take time out to discuss general business issues, share views, and have a good laugh with each other.
We would highly recommend this organisation.

Susmita Shah, Director, Gazebo Fine Foods Ltd

“All thanks to The Pallets Yard for their outstanding services and delivering pallets even on the same day whenever requested. Good quality pallets and very supportive staff.”

Shubham Waghmare, Supply Chain Coordinator, Levantine (UK) Ltd

“Highly recommend purchasing from this company, very friendly and efficient staff and great service and prices.”

Naina Khatri, West Base Electronics Ltd

I have partnered with Ian and Ruth-Anne with regards to my pallet requirements for my supply chain needs during the past 5 years. They are a small team and this allows them to be super flexible with quick turnaround. Often pallets are required super quick as volumes fluctuate and they have been able to react quickly to this volume change to assist our business. Their prices are very competitive, which in today’s supply chain challenge is a big plus. Ian and Ruth-Anne are a pleasure to work with, also willing to help at a ‘drop of hat’!”

Ian Baker, Operations Manager, Roomservice by Cort

Wilson James was introduced to The Pallets Yard through Heathrow Procurement following a meeting at the local Chambers of Commerce. This led to collaboration across one of our sustainability initiatives, driving the re-use of wooden pallets. Their dedication to business development made it effortless to support their journey, resulting in improved carbon accounting, reporting, and their value proposition as a business.
Now an approved supplier to Wilson James and part of Team Heathrow, the partnership has showcased the value that comprehensive support can provide, and a successful re-use pilot scheme pointed the way to more efficient operations. We remain highly optimistic about the future of this partnership and the positive impact it can have on both sustainability and efficiency.

Dr Oleseaden Lale, Sustainability Manager, Wilson James Limited

About us

The Pallets Yard Limited is based in Southall and has been part of the West London logistics and distribution industry for over 17 years.  It is run by owner-directors Ian Leander and Ruth-Anne Lynch.

We provide affordable, wooden and plastic pallets to local businesses in West London, across the UK and in Europe.  Our customers use pallets to store and transport commercial goods like food, clothing, pharmaceuticals, and other merchandise, securely around the UK and abroad. 

Damaged and broken pallets are repaired at our yard, we also collect unwanted reuseable pallets from businesses in doing so free up their valuable business space for more productive uses. These recovery, repair and reuse activities ensure that pallets are continually reused instead of being dispatched to landfills. This helps accrue cost savings and carbon reduction key elements for fostering business resilience and sustainability.


The Pallets Yard is now part of the Team Heathrow.  We have also recently been awarded Approved Supplier status by two Tier 1 organisations, Wilson James and Bradford Swissport, key suppliers within Heathrow Airport’s supply chain network.

We would like to form similar partnerships with other large organisations across the UK and in Europe. 


T: 020 3488 6702

E: info@thepalletsyard.co.uk

We are always interested in buying pallets and will pay a fair price for them. These can be collected from local sites or delivered directly to the yard in Southall. A forklift is available onsite for unloading.

For more information on selling pallets to us or to receive a quote for your specific requirements, please contact us now on 020 3488 6702 or info@thepalletsyard.co.uk.