DIY & Creative Projects

Repurposing wooden pallets for DIY and Creative Projects

Wooden pallets are a very versatile commodity that are usually used to store and transport commercial goods.  They can also provide a low-budget alternative raw material for use in many DIY projects and statement pieces, such as garden furniture, tables, planters, headboards, shelving, decking, drinks bars and drink storage.

As part of the Circular Economy, The Pallets Yard can provide second-hand pallets for creative projects, which allows this versatile product to be continually reused in a variety of ways instead of being consigned to landfills.

DIY Project: Birthday Party Table

A family contacted us because they were unable to source enough tables for their 5-year old’s birthday party and had come up with a brilliant idea to use pallets to build the tables themselves.  As the event was local to our Southall pallet yard, we were happy to drop off some of our cleanest and largest pallets to them for the project.

However, there was not enough time to construct the tables, so it was eventually decided that the pallets would be used to create a large eating area for all the children attending the birthday party. To do this, the pallets were first sanded down then arranged to form a long, low table, three pallets high and three pallets in length. The table was then covered with a pretty, themed table runner and several colourful cosy cushions placed around the sides for the children to sit on.

The children loved the large, fun, and colourful picnic table, and their parents thought it an excellent way to keep them entertained. A good time was had by everyone, and to top it all, many families and friends now want to borrow the pallets for other events.  The family plans to paint and decorate the pallets for reuse in the future.

Have a look at the pictures they sent us, featuring the ‘coolest’ birthday party picnic table in the neighbourhood!


DIY Project: Employee’s Garden Work

Our Yard Assistant, Martin Weatherall, has transformed pallets into garden furniture using his experience and expertise. He used three pallets to create a garden table that seats up to eight people, perfect for a summer barbecue. The table is durable enough to last through rainy autumns and cold winters, thanks to the robust pallets and waterproof green paint.

The table construction took around a day, while the pond was more challenging, requiring 10 pallets and taking 2 to 3 weeks to complete. Both the table and pond are coated in green paint, ensuring long-lasting protection against varying weather conditions.

Martin used a skill saw to cut the pallets, screwdrivers and an impact driver to assemble them, and a paintbrush to apply the green paint. He is very pleased with the appearance and durability of both projects.

These projects demonstrate the versatile use of pallets, not only for transport and logistics but also for practical applications like garden and home furniture. This repurposing extends the life of pallets and reduces landfill waste.

Sanded Pallets Project:

Our best and cleanest pallets were picked for this project. This was the pallet before any sanding had taken place.

One of the staff elevated the pallet at a height which suited him and started to slowly sand it down with a sanding machine. 

This was the first pallet after being sanded down. This shows that pallets are versatile and have more then one purpose.

The three pallets took some time to be sanded out but the finished product was worth the wait. Perfect for furniture at home or even for garden furniture.

Heart-warming creative projects like this show how pallets can provide practical, affordable, and workable solutions, with the added bonus of helping the environment by minimising wooden waste sent to landfills.

If you are interested in purchasing pallets for your DIY projects, call us on 0203 488 6702 or send an email to, to discuss the type and quantity of pallets you require. Do let us know if you are local to our Southall pallet yard, as however small the order, we may be able to arrange delivery to you.

Please send us pictures showing your creative pallet projects to, and your creation may be selected for a feature on our website.